Bach Cantata / Triple Concerto - Telemann Concerto (2008)

Telemann, Bach


Lucy Crowe

At the time of Johann Kuhnau's succession to the post of Cantor of St.Thomas' Church, on the death of the previous incumbent, Johann Schelle, in March 1701, Georg Philipp Telemann's presence in Leipzig was not without irritation to the newly appointed Cantor. Although ostensibly a law student, Telemann's compositions had so impressed one of the city's Burgomasters that he was rewarded with a fortnightly commission for St.Thomas', to be accompanied by 'ample remuneration'. Perhaps noting Telemann's own observation of Kuhnau - 'his frail constitution leads one to expect his early death' - the council reassured the twenty-one year old student of his suitability for the post. Defying all predictions, however, they had to wait over twenty years for a similar opportunity. Kuhnau died on 5th June 1722. Telemann was by this time a musician of considerable repute, established in Hamburg. There were five initial applicants for the newly vacant post, including Telemann. The Leipzig council weren't going to let him slip the net a second time, and, after complying with his request to be exempted from teaching Latin, he was unanimously elected to the post. Whether Telemann gave serious consideration to the post or not remains unclear, but following the success of his petition to the Hamburg city council for a pay increase, he declined the position. After a second election in 1723, the Darmstadt court capellmeister Christoph Graupner was appointed, but when he failed to obtain release from his employer, Johann Sebastian Bach took his place. And so the two great composers' paths crossed; yet the different directions their lives would take was evident from early on: for Telemann the new galant style, for Bach the perfecting of his contrapunctal skills..... When Johann Sebastian Bach was appointed Kantor in 1723 to the church of St Thomas, Leipzig, he may have hoped to augment his salary by regular commissions for the composition of secular cantatas for special occasions. But in the event, his expectations were only partially realised. The few commissions Bach received were for royal occasions, such as birthdays, a royal visit to Leipzig by King August III of Poland, homages to University professors and weddings....

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Regular performances in some of the world’s most prestigious venues have confirmed Florilegium’s status as one of Britain’s most outstanding period instrument ensembles. Since their formation in 1991 they have established a reputation for stylish and exciting interpretations, from intimate chamber works to large-scale orchestral and choral repertoire.

Concert venues include Sydney Opera House, Esplanade (Singapore), Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires), Wigmore Hall and Royal Festival Hall (London), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam),Konzerthaus (Vienna), Beethoven-Haus (Bonn), Handel-Haus (Halle) and Frick Collection (New York). The numerous residencies Florilegium have held over the years include being the first period instrument Ensemble-in-Residence at London’s Wigmore Hall. This Residency was for three seasons and involved the group performing several series of concerts each year and becoming actively involved in the Hall’s education work. Since September 2008 they have been Ensemble in Association at the Royal College of Music in London, where they are responsible for coaching 18th century baroque chamber music. Their over twenty recordings for Channel Classics have been awarded many prizes including a Gramophone Award nomination, Editor’s Choice from Gramophone, Diapasons d’Or and Chocs de la Musique. Florilegium’s cd of Telemann’s Paris Quartets Vol 2 received the Classical Internet Award from The Bach Cantatas disc with Johannette Zomer was awarded a 2008 Edison Award, Dutch music’s most prestigious prize. The second volume of Baroque Music from Bolivian Missions was nominated for a 2008 bbc Music Magazine award, and bbc Music Magazine selected volume 3 as Disc of the Month for April 2010. A disc of music by Pergolesi was released in May 2010 and was bbc Music Magazine’s cd choice in the vocal category in July 2010. Future recordings include Florilegium’s arrangements of Bach’s Organ Trio Sonatas, and a recording of Couperin’s Les Nations.

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Bach Cantata / Triple Concerto - Telemann Concerto (2008)

Telemann, Bach


    American Record Guide

Intriguing, sparklingly-played comparison of Baroque greats HMV Choice Wonderfully fluent and expressive (...) a certain French suavity in the playing, which comes into its own most fully in the Telemann work.


Buoyant Baroque coupling sparkles with a sense of proportion and balance.

    Audiophile Audition -

Another fine effort from Britain's Florilegium () I have enjoyed almost every disc I have heard from them, and this well-recorded baroque recital holds to those high standards. The Telemann is played with such an obvious relish for the music that you cannot help but be drawn in, and the soloists are a delight from first to last. Lucy Crowe joins the ensemble for the Bach and the ensemble easily adapts to the change of mood without sacrificing any of their earlier enthusiasm. (...) The flute and strings give it a cheerful feeling, as the boy looks forward to getting home and serving his country. Lucy Crowe sings the work probably better than the text deserves! (...) this well-recorded baroque recital holds to those high standards (...) A beautiful album then, with surround sound that engulfs us nicely. 4 Stars,


Vaardig geschreven en gespeeld entertainment van Telemann (...) En dan komt Bach met in de 'wereldlijke' cantate 'Non sa che sia dolore' BWV 209 met de sopraan Lucy Crowe als soliste, en dan zijn we weer in de Champions League, muziek van extreeem hogekwaliteit en prachtig door Crowe gezongen (...) Schitterende opname.

    The Sunday Times

Few can match Florilegium's interpretative flair and technical accomplishment in this repertoire Cd of the Week

    Fono Forum

Dem sensiblen Vortrag der Sopranistin Lucy Crowe, deren warmes Timbre ebenso wie ihre nuancenreiche Phrasierung eine wunderbare, emotionale reiche Atmosphäre erzeugt.

    International Record Review

Florilegium's accomplished music making in each case surpasses all previous recordings (...) The playing is universally of the utmost refinement and clarity. (...) Lucy Crowe's bright and agile soprano brought nothing but delight. (...) a well-balanced programme.


Verzorgd en adembenemend spel (...) barok in optima forma uitgevoerd door een ensemble met uitstekende reputatie op het gebied van authentieke uitvoeringspraktijk.

Bach Cantata / Triple Concerto - Telemann Concerto (2008)

Telemann, Bach


Cables:Van den Hul
Digital Converters:Meitner A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Mastering Engineer:Jared Sacks
Mastering Equipment:B&W 803 diamond series
Microphones:Bruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mixing Board:Rens Heijnis custom design
Producer:Jared Sacks, Ashley Solomon
Recording Engineer:Jared Sacks
Recording location:London England 2008
Recording Software:Pyramix bij Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate:DSD64
Speakers:Audiolab, Holland

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27208: Bach Cantata / Triple Concerto - Telemann Concerto
01:06:08   Select quality & channels above
Concerto In A-Minor From Tafelmusik Part 1 - Largo
00:04:21   Select quality & channels above
Concerto In A-Minor From Tafelmusik Part 1 - Allegro
00:08:17   Select quality & channels above
Concerto In A-Minor From Tafelmusik Part 1 - Gratios
00:03:38   Select quality & channels above
Concerto In A-Minor From Tafelmusik Part 1 - Allegro
00:08:26   Select quality & channels above
Cantata ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore'' - Sinfonia
00:06:12   Select quality & channels above
Cantata ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore'' - Recitative ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore''
00:00:55   Select quality & channels above
Cantata ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore'' - Aria ''Parti Pur, E Con Dolore''
00:08:03   Select quality & channels above
Cantata ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore'' - Recitative ''Tuo Saver Al Temp e l'eta Contrasta''
00:00:32   Select quality & channels above
Cantata ''Non Sa Che Sia Dolore'' - Aria _Ricetti Gramezza E Paverno_
00:05:03   Select quality & channels above
Triple Concerto In A-Minor - Allegro
00:08:34   Select quality & channels above
Triple Concerto In A-Minor - Adiago, Ma Non Tanto, E Doce
00:05:05   Select quality & channels above
Triple Concerto In A-Minor - Allabreve
00:07:02   Select quality & channels above

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