Dedications (2016)

Kreisler, Faure, Ysaye, Ysay, Chausson, Saint-Saens

Rosanne Philippens, Julien Quentin

“It began with a piece which I fell in love with: Eugène Ysaÿe’s Poème élégiaque. You have to tune the bottom violin string a tone lower. That explains the dark character, which you hear particularly in the middle, which is a funeral march. Ysaÿe dedicated it to Gabriël Fauré. And so the idea for this CD was born: violin music by composers who honoured and inspired one another. I found out, for example, that Fauré often visited the famous singer Pauline Viardot’s salon. It was there that he premiered the Romance. At first it sounds like a rather sweet Fauré, but passions rise high in the middle. Fauré was briefly engaged to a daughter of Viardot. The Russian writer Ivan Toergenjev, Viardot’s lover, used the affaire in his short story Le chant de l’amour triomphant, on which, in turn, Ernest Chausson based his Poème, with its dreamy music and a tragic ring. Chausson dedicated it to Ysaÿe and drew inspiration from his Poème élégiaque, as one hears in the high violin trills at the end of both pieces

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Rosanne Philippens

Since winning the first prize at the 2009 National Violin Competition, Rosanne Philippens has been viewed as one of the Netherlands’ greatest violin talents. Rosanne began playing the violin at the age of three, studying with, amongst others, Coosje Wijzenbeek and Vera Beths. In June 2009, she was awarded her diploma from The Hague Conservatory with highest distinction. In October, Rosanne will finish her Masters program at the Hanns Eisler Academy in Berlin, studying with Ulf Wallin. She has soloed with, amongst others, the Flemish Symphony Orchestra, the Hermitage State Orchestra and with many youth-orchestras as the National Youth String Orchestra, the National Student Orchestra, Studentorchestra Myra and the Sweelinck Orchestra. In March 2013, Rosanne’s debut-CD, “Rhapsody”, has been released under Channel Classics. This CD is a collaboration with her pianist Yuri van Nieuwkerk and is a collection of fiery works by, amongst others, Béla Bartók and Maurice Ravel. “Rhapsody” is, in Holland and abroad, very well received by both press and public. In January 2014 Rosanne will play the two rhapsodies of Bartók on tour with the National Youth Orchestra under the baton of Santu-Mattias Ruvali. In March 2013, as part of their win at the Vriendenkrans Competition in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Rosanne toured, together with her pianist Yuri van Nieuwkerk, ten halls under the sponsorship of the “Dutch Classical Talent Tour and Award”. During a tour with the National Student Orchestra, film director Carine Bijlsma followed Rosanne to make a documentary entitled “Soloist, 23 years old”. This documentary was premiered at the Dutch Film Festival, and has since been shown at the Vancouver and Bergamo Film Festivals.
Rosanne plays a violin by Michael Angelo Bergonzi (Cremona c. 1750), made available to her by the Dutch National Music Instrument Foundation. This special violin was played for years by Herman Krebbers.

Julien Quentin

French pianist Julien Quentin has established himself as a versatile and sensitive musician, exhibiting great maturity and poise. His remarkable depth of musicianship and distinct clarity of sound coupled with flawless technique, make him an artist in demand as both soloist and chamber musician. He has made successful recital debuts in Paris (Salle Cortot), Geneva Conservatoire Hall and Bargemusic in New York. He has appeared as soloist with the Wroclaw, Qatar and Córdoba Philharmonic Orchestras under such conductors as Tommaso Placidi, Paul Biss & Han-Na Chang. Regularly invited to numerous international Festivals, Quentin’s appearances in Europe include Verbier, Lucerne, Gstaad, Montreux, Zermatt, Dresden, Braunschweig, Schwetzingen, Ludwigsburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Beethovenfest Bonn, Radio France Montpellier & Saint Denis. A regular performer in North America, he has appeared at the Ravinia, La Jolla and Mostly Mozart Festivals in the United States. He has broadcast in Canada, United States, Japan and in countries across Europe. Julien Quentin is a keen chamber musician and has collaborated with artists such Nicolas Altstaedt, Emanuel Ax, Lisa Batiashvili, Gautier Capuçon, Corey Cerovsek, Martin Fröst, Sol Gabetta, David Garrett, Nelson Goerner, Ilya Gringolts, Gary Hoffman, Angelika Kirchschlager, Lawrence Power, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Sayaka Shoji, Kirill Troussov & István Várdai.

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Dedications (2016)

Kreisler, Faure, Ysaye, Ysay, Chausson, Saint-Saens

Rosanne Philippens, Julien Quentin

    Luister [9] -

Ze kan haar viool laten zingen én spreken. Intens en betrokken met een enorme wil tot communiceren. En communiceren doet ze.

    Fono Forum

Philippens profiliert sich als technisch versierte Geigerin, feinfühlig begibt sie sich auf die Suche nach den Facetten romantischer Klanglichkeit.


Beide musici brengen ongeacht het karakter en de stijl van de werken een breed gamma van expressie, kleur, ritmische verscheidenheid en subtiele trekjes aan. (...) Missie honderd procent geslaagd.

    Reformatorisch Dagblad

Rosanne Philippens blijkt met deze soms halsbrekende stukken geen enkele moeite te hebben. Haar spel is muzikaal en ze etaleert een smetteloze techniek, met name in het meerstemmige spel.

    De Gelderlander 4 stars -

Rosanne Philippens is hot (...) haar nieuwste CD ‘Dedications’ verdient zeker een prijs qua originaliteit (...) een eerbetoon in het kwadraat (...)


Excellently-programmed Franco-Belgian repertoire (...) a most enjoyable recital, played with individuality and flair. (...) Philippens and Quentin have been splendidly served by their engineers and by a good booklet.

    BBC Music Magazine -

Rosanne Philippens’s brilliantly focused, expressive sound is coupled with an inspired programme of music by and for virtuoso violinists of the Romantic period. An absolute joy from start to finish.


Rosanne Philippens is bezig met een groeispurt (...) ze stroomt meteen door naar de voorste gelederen van haar vak. (...) Ze laat de stukken klinken alsof ze voor haar persoonlijk zijn geschreven. (...) dwars door de noten heen hoor je de persoonlijke stem van een jonge violiste met een dijk van een karakter. (...)

Dedications (2016)

Kreisler, Faure, Ysaye, Ysay, Chausson, Saint-Saens

Rosanne Philippens, Julien Quentin

Cables: van den Hul - 3T
Digital Converters: Grimm AD
Editing Software: Pyramix
Mastering Engineer:

The recording was originally digitized using the Grimm AD1, which operates at DSD64. The original session tracks were edited and rebalanced (which meant going through the mixer)  in the only available format for that purpose; the Pyramix 352.8KHz/24bit PCM (DXD). Prior to the advent of direct digital delivery, the next step in the production process from 352.8KHz/24bit PCM would be the DSD64 edited master for SACD production. What we have done now is also make a direct conversion to DSD128 and DSD256 from that original DXD edited master, without going through any interim processing steps.


Those DXD to DSD conversions are not up-samplings, as they would be going from one PCM sampling rate to another, for they are different encoding systems. PCM is a digital value sample based system, and DSD is a digital bit density modulated system. Conversion from any PCM sample rate to any DSD bit rate system is a remodulation, not an up-sampling.

We feel there is an audio advantage to this process in using the original files so we give you the choice and you can decide.

Jared Sacks

Mastering Room: Grimm LS1
Microphones: Bruel & Kyaer, Schoeps
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom made
Producer: Jared Sacks
Recording Engineer: Jared Sacks
Recording location: MCO Studio 1 Hilversum, Holland
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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38516: Dedications
01:12:09   Select quality & channels above
Praeludium and Allegro
00:05:30   Select quality & channels above
Romance in Bb op. 28
00:05:45   Select quality & channels above
Poeme Elegiaque in D minor
00:14:07   Select quality & channels above
Recitativo and Scherzo for violin solo op. 6 - Recitativo
00:03:10   Select quality & channels above
Recitativo and Scherzo for violin solo op. 6 - Scherzo-Caprice
00:01:48   Select quality & channels above
Sonata for violin solo no. 4 in E minor - allemande
00:06:16   Select quality & channels above
Sonata for violin solo no. 4 in E minor - Sarabande
00:03:51   Select quality & channels above
Sonata for violin solo no. 4 in E minor - Finale
00:03:26   Select quality & channels above
Poeme op. 25
00:14:51   Select quality & channels above
Elegie op. 143
00:04:33   Select quality & channels above
Caprice d'apres L'Etude op. 52
00:08:52   Select quality & channels above

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