Carrousel (2017)

Bach - Steenbrink, Vloeimans, Buxtehude Vloiemans, Purcel - Steenbrink, Mendelssohn - Vloiemans

Eric Vloeimans, Holland Baroque

Last summer the three of us retreated into Vloeimans’s studio. It was the beginning of months of arranging and orchestrating. We phoned each other weekly and sometimes daily. The result is a weird and wonderful blend of two worlds. The world of early counterpoint and the world that’s called Eric Vloeimans. Eric’s music can’t be understood in terms of a particular composition technique, but it is the outcome of years of experience in improvising and writing his own music. While our first album Old, New & Blue was an encounter between two styles, Carrousel, our second album, does away with boundaries between Baroque and modern. The musical amalgam is a fact

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Eric Vloeimans

Eric Vloeimans (Huizen, 1963) is an improvising trumpeter and composer who regards the term ‘jazz’ as too limiting to describe his music. His work is characterized by melodic and lyrical power, and a distinctive, individual sound that is called velvety or whispering in the more subdued pieces.

Between 1982 and 1988, Vloeimans studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory; classical trumpet at first, later the jazz course. In 1989 he took lessons in the US with Donald Byrd and formed part of the big bands of Frank Foster and Mercer Ellington.

In the early Nineties Vloeimans was regarded as a member of a younger generation of musicians who combine bebop with influences from rock and free improvisation, such as Michie  Borstlap, Benjamin Herman and Yuri Honing. In 1998, the Edison-winning Bitches and Fairy Tales was released, recorded with pianist John Taylor, bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron. Taylor is also featured on Umai from 2000. In 2001, Vloeimans won the coveted Boy Edgar Prize, and in 2001 the Bird Award of the North Sea Jazz Festival. The CD’s VoizNoiz 3 (with Michel Banabila, 2003), Summersault (with Fugimundi, 2006) and Gatecrashin’ (with Gatecrash, 2007) were also awarded Edisons. In addition, Eric was recipient of the Elly Ameling Prize as well as the Golden Nutcracker (2011)

From 2006/2007 Eric Vloeimans has been active with two much-praised formations: the chamber jazz trio Fugimundi (Anton Goudsmit guitar, Harmen Fraanje piano) and the electric band Gatecrash, in which rock and funk elements can be traced (Jeroen van Vliet keyboards, Gulli Gudmundsson bass, Jasper van Hulten drums). With the latter group, he employs electronic effects in his trumpet playing for the first time  In addition, he continues to develop other projects, such as the band Oliver’s Cinema with accordion player Tuur Florizoone and cellist Jörg Brinkmann (CD available from August 2013, and a US tour in October 2014) , and a duo with pianist Florian Weber, with a CD release: Live at the Concertgebouw in 2011.

His broad range of interests has led Vloeimans to collaborate with artists from other musical worlds. In the pop music area, these include Fay Lovsky, Doe Maar, Spinvis and trumpeter Kyteman (Colin Benders). Kytecrash, the combination of the latter’s hip-hop band and Gatecrash, resulted in successful performances and a CD in 2011. He will be performing a series of concerts with British classical pianist Joanna MacGregor in the winter of 2013/2014.

Where world music is concerned, Vloeimans was involved in projects with flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel, Latin pianist Ramon Valle, and the fado-inspired Pessoa of Fernando Lameirinhas.


Holland Baroque

Free of fuss and convention, Holland Baroque Society takes to the stage with a variety of programmes. Baroque music is the key, but these musicians build bridges to other styles and arts. Balanced between tradition and renewal, they pursue the topicality of musical experience. In recent years Holland Baroque Society has collaborated with prominent Baroque musicians including Paolo Pandolfo, Quatuor Mosaïques, Emma Kirkby, Milos Valent and Hidemi Suzuki, and with composer Nico Muhly, singer and song- writer Teitur and jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans.

For this innovative approach the ensemble was awarded the Kersjes Prize and the VSCD Classical Music Prize in 2008, and more recently the Diapason d’Or 2012. It has brought Holland Baroque Society to all sorts of venues, from the Vienna Konzerthaus to the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso, and from Vredenburg concert hall in Utrecht to the World Exhibition in Shanghai.

There are more projects under preparation, with Porgy Franssen, Marcus Creed, Giora Feidman, Amandine Beyer, Calefax Rietkwintet, Cappella Amsterdam, Orkater and Sergio Azzolini. Holland Baroque Society has invested just as much ambition and energy in countless Kids Only concerts and educational projects, through which thousands of children have made acquaintance with classical music. The aim is to give them a pure listening experience, and this produces pure reactions like “I’d never heard of those sunny instruments before.”

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Carrousel (2017)

Bach - Steenbrink, Vloeimans, Buxtehude Vloiemans, Purcel - Steenbrink, Mendelssohn - Vloiemans

Eric Vloeimans, Holland Baroque

(...) With Holland Baroque’s 15 members incorporating 17th-century instrumentation, a contemporary disregard for boundaries, a sense of adventure, and a willing conspirator in Vloeimans, Carrousel indisputably establishes the relevance of baroque music for the modern ear. (...)

    Edison Klassiek Audience Award 2017

Carrousel was nominated for the annual Edison Klassiek Awards of the Netherlands. It received most votes and won the Edison Klassiek Audience Award 2017 on November 19th, 2017 live on TV Show Podium Witteman.

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    Heaven (9) -

(...) een verbijsterend fraaie fusion van Jazz en klassieke barok. Die klik tussen tradities is heel begrijpelijk. In beide genres zijn improvisaties namelijk van groot belang. (...)

    De Gelderlander

Vloeimans en Holland Baroque tekenen voor prachtige mallemolen (...) Dit is cross-over in optima forma. (...)

    Classic FM

(...) een historisch verantwoorde uitvoering van nieuwe composities die vooral één ding vertelt: barokmuziek leeft en kan blijven leven als creatieve geesten het gedachtengoed loslaten op noten die vandaag de dag een enorme zeggingskracht hebben. Er komt wat Purcell, Buxtehude en Bach langs, maar het is vooral Vloeimans en Holland Baroque wat de klok slaat en dat in complete harmonie. Dit is geen cross-over meer (...) dit is een complete versmelting van muzikale uitgangspunten die ook nog eens fantastisch wordt uitgevoerd. Luister bijvoorbeeld naar het intense Ocean of Petals en raak voorgoed verslingerd aan deze cd die ongetwijfeld historie gaat schrijven.

    Luister (Cum Laude - 10 out of 10 stars) -

(...) Er komt wat Purcell, Buxtehude em Bach langs, maar het is vooral Vloeimans en Holland Baroque wat de klok slaat en dat in complete harmonie. (...) dit is een complete versmelting van muzikale uitgangspunten die ook nog eens fantastisch wordt uitgevoerd. (...) deze cd gaat ongetwijfeld historie schrijven.

    Opus Klassiek

Het resultaat was een wonderlijke melange van twee werelden. De wereld van het oude contrapunt en de wereld die Eric Vloeimans heet. (...) Wie is aangewezen op deze cd zal hoe dan ook worden getroffen door het prachtige spel en de opname.

Aart van der Wal

    Nederlands Dagblad

De barokke klankwereld van het orkest versmelt met de jazzklanken van de trompet. (…) Er ontstaat zo iets nieuws, naast barok- en jazzmuziek. Wanneer dat door rasmusici als hier is uitgevoerd, is dat prachtig om naar te luisteren.

    BBC Radio 3 'Building a Library'

Buxtehude reinvented by trumpeter Vloeimans and Holland Baroque, his modern trumpet mixing deliciously with the ensemble’s period cornet, trombone and the string timbres. (…) Carrousel - a boundary breaching collaboration from Holland Baroque’s series for Channel Classics.

    Audiophile Audition -

This is a wondrous production and not to be missed. It will be hard for other adventurous Baroque ensembles to catch up on the large lead that Holland Baroque have established for creative fun in music. Hats off to Mr. Vloeimans, the Steenbrinks, and their talented cohorts.

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Speels, kwalitatief hoog en met grappige toevoegingen zoals het gebruik van de celesta. En natuurlijk het fenomenale en direct herkenbare fluisterspel van Eric Vloeimans.

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    Het Parool -

Verbluffend mooie fusie van jazz en barok: Hoor hoe wonderschoon die twee instrumenten over elkaar heen buitelen; hoor ook hoe dicht de toon van Vloeimans aan die van de baroktrompet raakt (…) in de eerste minuut van het schitterende Ocean of petals.

Erik Voermans

Carrousel (2017)

Bach - Steenbrink, Vloeimans, Buxtehude Vloiemans, Purcel - Steenbrink, Mendelssohn - Vloiemans

Eric Vloeimans, Holland Baroque

Digital Converters: dCS
Editing Software: Pyramix
Mastering Engineer:

The recording was originally digitized using the dCS, which operates at DSD64. The original session tracks were edited and rebalanced (which meant going through the mixer)  in the only available format for that purpose; the Pyramix 352.8KHz/24bit PCM (DXD). Prior to the advent of direct digital delivery, the next step in the production process from 352.8KHz/24bit PCM would be the DSD64 edited master for SACD production. What we have done now is also make a direct conversion to DSD128 and DSD256 from that original DXD edited master, without going through any interim processing steps.


Those DXD to DSD conversions are not up-samplings, as they would be going from one PCM sampling rate to another, for they are different encoding systems. PCM is a digital value sample based system, and DSD is a digital bit density modulated system. Conversion from any PCM sample rate to any DSD bit rate system is a remodulation, not an up-sampling.

We feel there is an audio advantage to this process in using the original files so we give you the choice and you can decide.

Jared Sacks


Mastering Room: GRIMM LS1
Microphones: Bruel & Kyaer, Schoeps
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom made
Producer: Tom Peeters
Recording Engineer: Tom Peeters
Recording location: Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, The Netherlands
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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Purcellian Tune
Purcel - Steenbrink
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Monsieur Charles
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Buxtehude Vloiemans
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Ocean of Petals
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